Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beach No:7 - Radhanagar, Havelock Island

Some years ago TIME Magazine rated the Radhanagar beach on Havelock among the Top 10 beaches in the world. My sister had been telling me about this place for awhile now and I was getting curious. My limited interest in beaches notwithstanding, I wanted to see this "one-of-the-10-most-beautiful" beaches in the world.

After checking into the Emerald Gecko we clambered on to the rickety cab drove off to explore Beach No: 7. It was nearing noon and we weren't really hungry despite an early breakfast. If we felt hungry later, there were not many choices there. Either we ate at the Bare Foot Resort or in one of those roadside dhabas. So we drove to Bare Foot first to enquire about restaurant timings and walked down to the section of the beach in front of it. The jungle goes right to the edge of the ocean and the short walk takes you through shades of the giant trees.

Once you hit the beach the view is breathtaking. A gently curving shore, soft sand underfoot and waves lapping the beach without the usual clamour of the large breakers.

I had to admit. It really was one of the best beaches I had stepped on in my life. The best part was the crowd;  there was none! No noisy tourists, no chaat wallahs, no fishermen, nothing but pristine unspoilt white sand and clear waters.

It did not take long to wade into the shallow waters.


One thing about beaches in the Andamans I noticed were the dogs. Some had belts around their neck other's didn't but all were friendly and skilled in their art. Crab hunting!

Two friendlies were keeping pace with us till one of them spied some movement further up the beach. With frenzied barks they were off. Once they got to their target they got to work; systematically and in total coordination, pooling their skills to reach some the crab that had the misfortune to attract their attention.

If you are not very careful while walking in the beach you could end up crushing some tiny creatures underfoot. Crabs, of all hues and sizes. Hermits of all sizes and shapes carrying temporary homes on their backs till they a bigger and better one.

Crabs can be artists too. As we walked further up the beach we came across small spherical sand balls on the water's edge.

In some places they were so close the it appeared we we were walking on ball bearings lying on the beach.

Each of these groups of sand balls had a small opening in the center through which a tiny crab laboriously rolled out these tiny sand balls.

Some of the patterns were so beautiful that these crabs deserve prizes for their artistry.

More of the beach life to follow. Keep checking in..........


  1. When we wer @ Radhanagar Beach, it was high tide and the sea was not as calm as it shows in your pictures :) however, the dogs are the same ones I seen too. :D

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