Monday, December 28, 2009

Shock on Havelock

Just before we left Port Blair our so called travel agent handed over a brochure to us telling that we had been booked into a place called Andaman Bubbles in Havelock. The brochure was impressive and we were looking forward to a nice place to stay and perhaps have a hot bath after a dip in the ocean.

Little did we know that our jinx from Chennai had followed us on the Makruzz. As the cab turned into Andaman Bubbles we were greeted by a row of thatched cottages with no sign of a reception counter. We went searching for someone to show us our hut for the rest of our stay in Havelock. The reception was in the neighbouring compound, The Emerald Gecko, which had even smaller huts lining its perimeter.

The man was expecting us because he had some bad news to deliver. There was only one hut reserved for us!! To make matters worse he added that he wouldn't allow more than three persons to stay in the only available cottage.

Cell phones appeared by magic in our hands but NO NETWORK AVAILABLE!! What more could go wrong? We had a choice to drive up to Bare Foot Resort and shell out some 10 grand for each room we got or sleep under the stars on the beach!

Then perhaps out of pity or out of satisfaction gained at our discomfiture our host then offered us one of the huts in the Gecko. The only thing was that we had to share the toilets. There was an open shower room outside of each room.

I did not understand the logic. A shared shower was understandable and acceptable, for they charged only Rs.500/- a night for those huts. I know people do wake up to use the loo at night, but who would want to wake up at midnight for a shower. Would it not be logical to have a loo instead, attached to the hut?

We had no other option but accept his offer.

More to follow........

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