Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beach No: 5 - Vijaynagar, Havelock Island

While all the hype is about Radhanagar the other option is Beach No:5; the Vijaynagar beach. I should think it would most likely be unavoidable because almost all the prominently listed 'resorts',  except Bare Foot and Dolphin tents, are located along this beach. Unlike Bare Foot, which is located a 100 meters off the shore and inside the 'jungle', most resorts on this side are on the beach.

Vijaynagar beach @ 5.45 AM
You can wake up before sunrise and wait at the beach's edge for the tide to come in! And that could be a pretty boring wait unless you want to walk a few 100 meter further to meet up with the tide as it comes in.

Otherwise, like me, you can look out for local early birds on look out for breakfast in the tide pools.

Or you could just spend time watching the sun peek out coyly from behind the clouds.

The beach isn't half as good as Radhanagar but as the tide comes in and the sun goes up the turquoise blue returns.

I didn't make an attempt to jump into the water but I guess it is just as good. The water was more clearer here and it made the occasional sharp coral underwater more visible. Otherwise it could give you a pretty painful scrape!

The best beach on Havelock, if you ask me, is neither Beach No: 5 or 7. Perhaps Radhanagar is a little to OVERRATED. 
For there is another beach, which curiously did not have a number attached to its name! The Elephant Beach.

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